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The Bulldogs Boxing Academy recently travelled to the Ontario Bronze Gloves Tournament where five of its fighters were ready to compete. The team walked away with a silver medal thanks to Dylan Cohen, who came runner up to a very tough and experienced provincial champion.

The Bulldog Boxing Academy opened in May 2015. Former members Matt Harrison, Peter Campbell and Mickey “The King of the Gypsies” Delaney formed the genesis of the club at The Belleville Club. When the Belleville Club closed its doors the guys decided to open their own club in Downtown Belleville. The Bulldog Boxing Academy services the entire Bay of Quinte area and offers a variety of boxing classes to suit all ages and skill levels.

Registered with Boxing Ontario, the Club has three coaches:

Matt Harrison

A prolific amateur boxer from Belleville who has competed in various tournaments throughout the years and continues to do so.

Peter Campbell

A registered Level 2 coach with Boxing Ontario and resident of Roslin. Peter is a huge boxing aficionado and has a fantastic knowledge of boxing; so often do his predictions of matches prove accurate he is often called “Mystic Peter”.

Mickey “The King of the Gypsies” Delaney

A former Irish boxer who is a well-known face around the bare-knuckle tournaments in Ireland, competing and winning some.

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