An Indoor Baseball Paradise

Belleville Pitch and Hit Allows Players to Train without Battling the Elements

Why we came about is a simple enough answer, we love baseball, but it is the process that makes this all the more memorable for our region.

It began with an idea of what it would be like to do what we love and came to life with the passion for sports in the area.  The loss of the Belleville Bulls, began a passionate roller coaster ride of exposing the sheer exuberant love of sport and community in the region.  People don’t just live here, they love it here and it shows in support within the community.  We only wish to emulate this passion for baseball and give the region what it deserves. To not be left wanting of what others have, but to actually be a leader in the development of baseball in Ontario.

We know there is talent in the region, talent that has potential to be more, talent to develop and allow a person to represent us all in a positive light.

We are an indoor training and entertainment facility, not just a winter baseball oasis, even though in the winter, we are.  Belleville Pitch and Hit allows a player to train out of the cold, wet, dust and heat in a baseball friendly indoor environment that maximizes training time.

Whether you are trying to get a scholarship to a great school, training for a tournament, being introduced to a great sport or just wanting to have fun and hit the ball, we have what you want.

Hello Eastern Ontario, we would like to introduce you to the future of baseball here and show the world where you can go and what you can achieve with a bat, ball and determination.

In addition, we offer team training, business functions and local school physical activity.

Help us give back to the community by supporting us.

Inndoor Baseball Training and Entertainment Facility.

Stop by and check us out: 10-393 Sidney St, Belleville ON.

Call us at (613) 779-7138.

Call us today at 905-914-7454

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