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Family of Former Bulls Trio Look Back at their Time in the City with Fondness

Subbans Still Love Belleville

The City of Belleville and the entire Bay of Quinte region has been spoiled in hockey.

We have been blessed with several visits from the Stanley Cup (Marc Crawford, Andrew Shaw, Brad Richardson, Matt Cooke), a home town World Championship hockey team (1959 Belleville MacFarlands), and families who are known world wide for being hockey icons. The Hull family, Bobby, Dennis and Brett. Some of the hardest shots and best goal scorers in the history of the sport. The Crawford family. World championships, Stanley Cups, coaching, playing, scouting.

If it has to do with hockey, you can imagine they have dabbled and or perfected it. The third family of Belleville hockey, is not from Belleville.

In fact, Karl and Maria Subban, the patriarchs are not native to Canada (Jamaica and Montsarrat).  Both parents upon coming north, adopted hockey, with their children flying high.  PK (Pernell-Karl), Malcolm and Jordan were all fast, all athletic and had great foundations in the game. They not only played for the same OHL team (Belleville Bulls), but had the same billets (Amy & John McMillan), same coaches (George Burnett, Jake Grimes, Jason Supryka) and the same fans.

PK was the first to call the Yardmen Arena home.  He was selected in the 2005 OHL draft and will likely go down as the biggest name to graduate from the Belleville Bulls.  He played in the Memorial Cup, three Eastern conference finals, won two gold medals at the World Juniors and was also drafted by his favourite boyhood team, the Montreal Canadiens.

PK says,"Coming back to Belleville will always be easy.  Not only is it Amy and John (his billet mom and brother), but the organization that was here. To this day I remain in contact with the coaches and staff (2005-2009). "

It is always nerve racking for parents to let their children leave the nest for the first time.

Mother Maria Subban says, "It wasn’t easy. I couldn’t sleep at night.  After the first year I got over that. Then it was easier as Malcolm and Jordan came to Quinte."

Youngest brother Jordan Subban says by the time he came to Belleville, "It was already a home away from home. My billets Amy and John are like my second family. I had a chance to get to know them when PK lived there, and when Malcolm stayed at the home."

Malcolm says stability with the team, fans and billets lead to a great relationship in Belleville."Growing up watching PK play and getting familiar with the city. Meeting the players, the coaching staff made things a lot easier."

Billet Amy McMillan adds, "The Subban’s are very family-oriented. They boys are all different. PK is very outgoing, he can fill a room. Malcolm however is very studious, very quiet, he’s always thinking. Jordan meantime goes out and does his own thing.  Jordan is just Jordan.

PK, Malcolm and Jordan are now pro hockey standouts and remember Quinte residents and Bulls fans, you can say, We knew them, before the whole world did!

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