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Motivated Athletes Can Improve Their Performance through Hypnosis

It is, perhaps, history’s biggest and best-kept secret. How to use the power of your own mind to achieve the successes in life that you envision for yourself. If you are interested in reaching your maximum potential, then you have to know who you are and what motivates you. Because what motivates people matters! There are parts of us that work for our ultimate good, and believe it or not, parts of our personalities are destructive forces that work against us. So, what about your personality, or that of someone you’d like to influence?

Heidi Grant, Ph.D, and E. Troy Higgins, a professor of psychology at the Motivation Science Center at Columbia University, wrote a very informative article in the Harvard Business Review entitled “Do You Play to Win or Not to Lose?” They’ve concluded there are two basic types of personalities to look for in determining performance outcomes.

They asked, “What what factors strengthen—or undermine— your motivation?” Part of their conclusion was that people answer these questions in very different ways. So the challenge - whether you’re managing your own performance or someone else’s - is what motivates you, or someone else?

The researchers also noted that while academics and marketers know basic personality types well, managers in sports, business, or schools do not.

Grant and Higgins identified two basic types of personalities that they believe can predict high-end performance. They believe are people are either prevention-focused, or promotion-focused.

“The promotion-focused are engaged by inspirational role models, the prevention-focused by cautionary tales.”

“Motivational focus affects how we approach life’s challenges and demands. Promotion-focused people see their goals as creating a path to gain or advancement and concentrate on the rewards that will accrue when they achieve them.”

“Prevention-focused people, in contrast, see their goals as responsibilities, and they concentrate on staying safe. They worry about what might go wrong if they don’t work hard enough or aren’t careful enough.”

Perhaps you already self-identify or see someone’s dominant focus immediately. If not you can visit http://www.focusdiagnostic.com/index.php and answer a few questions to find out.

Now that you’ve identified your own personality style and that of another you’d like to influence, what’s next? How do you incorporate motivator to get you to where you want to be? Whether prevention or promotion-focused, the motivational factors must strengthen the core values of the person.

Here comes history’s best kept secret of all time. The key to ultimate fulfillment, success, and self-realization is - wait for it - hypnosis. Yes, that strange, mysterious and misunderstood, sometimes and always intriguing mental state known as hypnosis. What the heck is it anyway?

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